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button up sherman replied to your post: Mom was moved to a different hosp…

*hugs* I can’t imagine what you’re going through. But I’m always here to listen if you need

Thank you my darling friend. I hate to say it but I’ve gotten kind of use to this. She has been “attempting” for the past two and half years. She actually did this exactly a year ago.

I’ve tried to help her. I’ve given her all my love and time. But in the end it destroys me. I think on this front I need to be selfish and think of myself and my other family. I have to live life.

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Mom was moved to a different hospital today. I went to visit her. I never know what to say to her after she does this. I’m always so angry, but I know I have to be quiet.

Didn’t eat anything until afterwards, because I was too anxious. But once I did eat sandwich and am feeling better.

I shouldn’t let her bad decisions have control over my life. It breaks my heart, but I think I’m learning how to make sure it doesn’t stop my life.

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Mother overdosed again today. I had to take her to the ER. And I wonder why I have anxiety.

But I’m proud of myself for one reason. I realized during crisis when people need me, I can do anything. I can push my anxiety away and get things done.

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Seeing the doctor…. in actually five hours…. damn I should go to sleep.

I think it will be good just to hear from that what I’m going through is normal.